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Cool And Unusual Things To Do In Australia


Australia is a beautiful country and recently it has a lot become a number one holiday destinations for a lot of people. So if you ever plan on visiting this beautiful country then here are few things you could do:

Luxury Yet Affordable

A lot of us do dream of travelling in luxury at least once in our life. For example, for some people, luxury might mean travelling in first class and staying in five-star hotels whereas for other people it could be experiencing things which are expensive such as hopping into a private yacht. Luckily for you, this is affordable in Australia so you could get your private yacht and have an intimate moment with the love of your life just like how they do it in movies. Whitsunday Island provides the perfect sea which is calm for this type of fun. Apart from that, you could also do extreme activities such as skydiving here.  This is usually extremely expensive in countries like Dubai, but Australia will go easy on your wallet. This is one place which will help you to tick a lot of things from the bucket list.

Food Lover’s Dream

If you are a foodie then this country has got you covered by offering all kinds of cuisines that anyone can dream of. From their famous halal snack packs to street waffles everything is worth trying and it is delicious. If you are on the hunt for tasty Middle Eastern food then we have got you covered. There is a restaurant which is located in Edgewater’s lake house so you can enjoy the meal as you watch the view. They have got friendly staff which recommends the best dishes from the menu, this is an ideal place for a family gathering or even for a romantic dinner. Apart from this there are also food markets, if you plan on staying at backpack hostel then make sure you get in touch with a local and he/she will guide you to the famous food markets. The food is extremely cheap and is worth every penny.

Theme Parks And More

We all are children at heart so if you love theme parks then you are in the right place, Queens Island has the famous theme parks that have rides for every age group. The rides will make you scream in joy, don’t forget to collect your picture after every ride, this will help you to capture those beautiful memories. If you want to try something that you have never tried before then this is the time you can. They give you an opportunity to dive with the sharks, you will be locked in a cage and the sharks will be swimming close to you, a terrifying moment but definitely worth trying.  You could even watch baby turtles hatch, this should be a special bucket list experience.

Lastly, you could even experience snow if you have not before. Mount Buller is famous for this and if you haven’t been here then you are missing out on some great fun.

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