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Five Things To Do At Geelong Bay


Relax and unwind over a weekend at this award-winning beach precinct of Geelong Waterfront!  Being one of the most staggering waterfronts in Australia, it overlooks the iridescent waters of Corio Bay and offers you a range of activities to indulge in over the weekend!

Victoria’s second-biggest city Geelong started out as a humble port and today stands proud as a region that has lots to offer in terms of good food, coffee, beer and wine, right at your doorstep!

Here are five ways for you to indulge in and unwind to get back in great shape to begin the next week!

Visit Eastern Beach Geelong

Cool down at the popular Eastern Beach on a summer day, eat outside or cook on a spit, have fun and relax as well as the awe at the panorama in front of you from the vantage point!  Jump off the diving towers and platforms of the Eastern Beach swimming enclosure into the brilliant water below.  When you have used up all of your energy, laze on the floating islands!  Get settled in the self contained accommodation geelong, ideally located on the waterfront to show off the best this city has to offer, with weekend attractions, fabulous cafes, world-class restaurants and more.

The swimming pool of Geelong Beach is open all year round, and is great for children as it isn’t deep and it is patrolled by lifeguards in the summer months!

Ride the Geelong Carousel

Indulge yourself a merry ride of the enchanting carousel in a childlike manner!  It is one of only 200 in operation around the world and was built in 1892.  Featuring 36 Dare horses and two chariots, this carousel is one of only 200 in operation around the world!  This awesome steam-driven, hand-carved wooden carousel was built in 1892 and currently restored to its past glory!  Tickets to a ride cost AUS $ 5.

Take a Scenic Helicopter Ride

Take in the mesmerizing views of Geelong CBD, Corio Bay, Torquay, Barwon River and the famous Bells Beach down below from a scenic helicopter ride over the Geelong Bay!  These scenic flights operate everyday from the Yarra Street Pier.  No pre-booking necessary!

Ride the Geelong Waterfront Train

The ‘Hop on Hop off’ train connects you to many recreational spots such as the pools on the Eastern Beach from the carousel through a leisurely and scenic ride.  The train operates at weekends as well as on school and public holidays, departing every half an hour and every quarter-hour at peak times for a cost of AUS $ 7.

Enjoy the Street Art

Stroll leisurely through the Central Geelong to admire the murals and graffiti art that make the city colourful. 

Some of the ‘Must-see’ items are as follows;

To the Unknown Mariner by Cam Scale

Stand in awe at the windswept face of an old man at sea, an impressive artwork displayed in Brougham Street at the side of the former Port of Geelong Authority.

Moi-Yo-Miller by Michael Cassar

Serving as a magician’s assistant in the 1930s, Moi Yo Miller was a beautiful girl of Geelong.  This beautiful mural sits on the corner of James Street and Mimms Lane.

Union Street Mural

This is a designated community art space where colourful works of art are created by local artists.

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