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How to Detail Your Car like A Pro


Car detailing is a very useful skill to learn when you have a vehicle. For car enthusiasts, detailing is never a chore because it keeps their car looking at its best. There are several techniques in detailing and it greatly varies and depends on the one who does it. For newbies who want to learn how to detail their car like a pro, here’s a simple guide on car detailing basics.

Clean the Exterior

Car detailing is basically thoroughly cleaning and polishing a vehicle to make it look at is finest condition. Before anything else, you must first clean the exterior of your car. It is the most exposed part of the car so expect it to be dirtier than the rest. Wash the car to remove dust, grime, debris and dirt from its surface. For stubborn dirt, you can scrub it off with a microfiber towel to avoid scratching the paint. Check out one of Melbourne’s leading car care product specialists for high quality and safe car cleaning and detailing products. Always remember to avoid using any rough or abrasive items when cleaning your car’s exterior.

Protect the Exterior

After thoroughly removing all the dirt on our car’s outer surface, the next step to do is to protect it. There are several products that can be applied to protect the paint and other exterior parts of your car. You can use ceramic coatings, wax or sealants on the car’s body while a tire dressing enhances the look of the wheels. Make sure that your car is totally clean and has been clayed before applying any protective products.

Clean the Interior

After cleaning and protecting the outer part of your car, cleaning the interior is the next thing to do. This involves vacuuming, wiping off dirt and removing trash. Of course, having a stunningly attractive car would be a waste if the inside parts are dirty and dull. Car detailing is never complete without cleaning the interior.

Detailing the Interior

Just like the exterior part of the car, the inside must also look at its best. Car interior detailing products often range from surface polishers to exposure protectors and it only depends on the owner on how he wants it to look like.

Quick Car Detailing Tips

 Now that you have an idea on how to detail a car, here are the golden rules you should ever forget when doing the task.

  • Never wash a car under direct sunlight.
  • Clean from top to bottom to avoid contaminating parts that are already cleaned.
  • Use a different cleaning material on different parts of the car
  • Use only the right cleaning tools and supplies
  • Always use a lubricant when wiping or cleaning your car’s painted surface

Car detailing is so easy to perform once you only know the right things to do. After all, it depends on you on how shiny or polished you want your car to be which makes it a lot simpler when you’re the one who detailed it.

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