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Things To Know Before You Fly


The year can be tiring. Yes, it can be quite stressful, I know you’ll agree with me too, but you just have to get through it. And what’s the best way to get through it? Going on vacation of course.

I absolutely love going on holiday. My family and I do it every year- picking a new, exotic vacation each time. This truly gives me the strength to keep on slugging it as I know I have to save up for my dream getaway. This may not be the case just for me, but for you as well… We’re travel enthusiasts, it has a special place in our heart, but if you’re a beginner, then don’t worry. You’re the reason why I made this article- it’s written especially for you. And what exactly Is this article? It’s none other than my tips and tricks that all new travelers should know. Good luck, because with this knowledge you’ll be ready to conquer the world. Let’s get started.

Don’t Just Book Any Flight. Please!

A lot of rookie travelers tend to purchase their tickets directly from airlines directly. This is a great mistake that you must absolutely avoid. Why? Because you should not have a predetermined airline in mind. In exchange, use websites that compare and contrast the cheapest flights offered from every airline that flies from your local airport to your travel destination. This is great as you can end up finding flights for a fraction of the cost you were going to spend.

Do Not Have One Time In Mind

Firstly, remember to book your flights on a Tuesday. Tuesdays tend to be when the prices are the lowest. But when prices are the lowest of the low usually fluctuates. Unless you’re absolutely set on a specific month, or even date that you should be travelling on, use programs like Google Flights to track the price of flights throughout the year.

With this tool, you’ll know if you’ll be saving less if you travel the week after. rather than 5 days from now.

Always Book In Advance!

You may wait till the last minute to book your hotels and tours which is alright unless they’re very popular. I’ve been at the unfortunate end of this scenario many times. If you ever see bookings limited so book now, don’t call the bluff.

Never Ever Use Local Cabs

Using cabs directly from the airport to your hotel is a guaranteed method to waste copious amounts of cash. Don’t do this. Don’t even travel in the local cabs throughout your vacation unless you want to be spending extra. Always try and find ride sharing apps like Uber or Lyft. If these are present, be sure to use these instead as you’re guaranteed a lower price as the drivers work for a registered, huge organization so they won’t try and scam you.

You’ll enjoy your trip with my tips and tricks. Remember to keep these in mind when you’re planning your journey. Have fun!

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