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Why Should You Travel To India When You’re On A Budget?


Everybody wants to visit Asia. The continent is famous for holding onto their roots and having unique and interesting cultures which set them apart from their western counterparts. Of course, travelling is not cheap and some Asian countries can leave a pretty huge dent on your wallet. Singapore for one can be very expensive if you wish to travel on a budget. Accommodation in Hong Kong can take away a huge amount of your travel funds. So keeping this in mind when it comes to travelling on a budget and getting an experience of a lifetime the only country that actually would be worth it is South Asia’s largest nation India.

You Have A Range Of Affordable Accommodation

And this is no matter where you go. No matter what city you choose to travel to, you can find cheap but good accommodation for a fraction of cost in any other country. You can get a bedroom with an attached washroom, air conditioning and other facilities for less than 50 AUD. In less urban towns you can get them for even 20 AUD per night. And amazing budget-friendly accommodations can be found virtually everywhere in India. If you don’t fancy a room you can always check into a hostel or even a capsule hotel for even less money. By using some websites you could get last minute deals too.

Public Transportation And Tours Are  Very Affordable

If you fancy making your own itinerary and travelling between Cities you can do so in India for very little cost. Public transportation is cheap. With intercity trains costing you just a dollar. Moreover journeying on trains and buses can be very fulfilling as you get to see the gorgeous and diverse landscapes across states. If you, however, want to hire a tour that is very affordable too and given that India  has so much to offer when it comes to culture and historical places, paying for a tour can actually save you money and time. And India tours from Australia are usually much cheaper than tours to other Asian countries.

Food Is Delicious And Cheap

The food in India is probably one of the best in the world. With so many cuisines coming from different states, for the foodaholic, it is a paradise. India loves spice. So the food is very flavourful and rich. Of course you can find mild food if you want but spice is one of India’s most prized exports so indulging in more flavourful and spicy food should be given importance. You have these amazing non-veg options such as Chicken Tikka, kebabs and Fish poriyal to name a few. However, veg options are just as delicious. India is probably the only country which has the most delicious vegan food in the world. Given that many of its citizens are vegans, the food is just delicious. And all of this is so cheap. You can have a 3-course meal for less than 5 Aud. And if you hit the street shops you can get amazing food for less than a dollar. Just imagine how wonderful that is.

In the end, if you are travelling on a budget and looking for an amazing experience go to India. You will be very grateful that you did.

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