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Why Use Wooden Crates for Your Shipping?


It is very important that whatever cargo you are shipping, it is done so taking safety into consideration. Nobody can afford to lose expensive products to damage or another situation. This applies to businesses even more so. One of the best ways to pack your cargo has however been wooden crates. For many years this is the most popular medium of packing. There are several reasons why this is the obvious choice. Here they are.

They Are Easy to Stack Up

If you think about how the goods will be transported it will make sense to you that cases made from timber can withstand a large amount of pressure when they have been packed well. This also means that you can fit in a massive amount of such cases into your storage or warehouse. It will essentially help you pack a lot more.

They Are Durable

There is a reason as to why wooden crates have been used for a long period of time. They have literally been in use for thousands of years. This is mainly because of the fact that they are really long lasting and durable. They are also robust and can protect the items that have been packed within them for a really long period of time, sometimes, years. You will also therefore, be able to save some money by reusing your wooden crates all over again many times. It will also help the environment in terms of both recycling as well as reducing the use of toxic plastic and other by products in the manufacturing methods.

They Will Protect Your Commodities Better

Durability of the wooden crates ensures that your goods inside are safe during the entire transportation process. The wood is able to maintain a reliable barrier against contact with the outside world. You will, rest assured, be relaxed knowing that the goods will be delivered intact and in good condition.

They Are Also Budget Friendly

Another main advantage of using wooden boxes would be that they are less in terms of cost. These boxes cost less to make because they are quite simple and are built of natural materials that do not need to be processed.

Thy Can Be Easily Recycled

Another benefit is that is a packing crate become damaged or is broken in any way, it is a really simple process to break it down and then remake it as a box or add other materials from containers and repair it. This means that these boxes can be easily recycled making them environmentally sound choices.

They Can Be Customized

Another reason to consider wooden crates is because they can be flexibly customized to suit the dimensions that you need them to be. There are of course a range standards sizes that they come in but supposing that what you need to send will not be fitted very well to those dimensions you can always ask for them to customize the crate for you. These are some of the main benefits and why you should use wooden crates for packing.

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