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Wonderful Things to Do in Melbourne During Winter


Winter in Australia is usually crisp with rainfall from time to time but this weather condition is never a hindrance if you want to explore the beauty of this place. Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city which is why there are plenty of hidden wonders just waiting to be explored even on winter. If you’re planning to tour Melbourne between the months of June to August, here are the best things you can do.

Relax in a Hot Spring

Taking a dip in one of those relaxing hot springs really feels good during these chilly days. Aside from getting warm, you can also enjoy plenty of health benefits from natural healing mineral water. It is one of the best activities you can do with your family, friends or even with a special someone.

Go Shopping at the Winter Night Market

If you love exploring markets, then the Queen Victoria Market is a place you shouldn’t miss. Explore over 80 stalls selling a variety of stuff from food, drinks, novelty items and many more. Visit this place on a Wednesday night and witness live performances and music from 5 to 10 PM.

Chill at Bars and Restaurants

No matter how cold the weather gets, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring and chilling at Melbourne’s bars and restaurants. Most of them have fireplaces during the winter so you’ll feel cosy and comfortable while enjoying a hearty meal. There are lots of good restaurants near Collins Street in Melbourne that you can try out for a lovely dinner with your family or friends.

Watch Wonderful Fireworks Display

All throughout the winter you can watch a beautiful firework display at the Docklands. Aside from the fireworks, you can also enjoy delicious food at the city centre nearby plus live music playing in the venue. This lovely event takes place every Friday at around 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Another good thing is that you can enjoy this event for free.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular winter sports in Australia. There are lots of ski and snowboarding venues in Melbourne such as Falls Creek and Mount Buller. Aside from the exciting slopes, you can also enjoy scenic views around the area.

View Lovely Masterpieces

Visit the National Gallery of Victoria and Australian Centre between the months of June to October and witness the wonderful display of Melbourne Winter Masterpieces. Marvel at a series of masterpieces from different galleries all over the globe. This event is popular to both locals and even tourists alike so you should never miss it.

Go Ice Skating

While skating rinks are available all year round, these places become livelier during winter. If you don’t know how to skate, you can join a skating class for q quick lesson about ice skating basics. Don your skating gear and get on the rink to experience this fun activity.

Melbourne serves as home to lots of interesting winter activities. Make sure to wear your complete winter outfit to explore this city comfortably.

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